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Heroes Of Written Verse
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My Own Work
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I met Christ in a mangled man

his soul,torn limb from limb

tossed aside,by an abhorrent hand

no pride left within him

He battled with the prideful

the dogmatists and charlatans

until his soul grew weary of it all

and he no longer felt like a man

Then an lustruous light beamed in his darkened soul

he had found himself once again

A pride that had once again,made him whole

bringing a peace from within

Christ came among the sinners

to unhinge us from the entrapment of the devil

The chains are broken,making us the winners

absolved from sin's evil

Christ spoke to the broken

of how we are children of The One

No truer words were ever spoken

No Greater deed was ever done

Christ died for the doomed

to free us from bane's strife

Satan's tenebrosity no longer loomed

because of His loving sacrifice