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Heroes Of Written Verse
How My Heroes Inspire My Own Work
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How My Heroes Inspire My Own Work
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"I know as a poet,that I am both blessed and cursed with talent."--Ryan M.

Ryan M. (1980)

   I began writing poetry at the age of 9. Inspired by many of the poets on this page and many,many others. Wilfred Owen is my biggest influence. I am drawn to his poetry not for the sake that he was a soldier during The Great War but for the usage of his personal faith in Christ. I find comfort in these heroes of mine and if I were to meet any of them in a pub,I'd gladly buy them a drink. So with this site,I honor them. If anyone should ever wish to read poetry may it be their works that you read from Keats to Owen. These are the greats,men who only come once in a lifetime.

Sunlight varnishes elm branches crimson

morning mist carpets the dampened ground

the crisp,biting wind whispers a gentle orison

my soul settles in this peace I have found.


among the dew glazed trees,I find

what I have searched so long for

serenity,love and peace of mind

the pain I felt so long ago

vanishes forever more.

"Morning Solace." by Ryan M.